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  Pulse Surveys.

A powerful tool to track perceptions over time.

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Pulse Surveys

A Pulse Survey tracks perceptions over time. We offer three levels:
 Individual Pulse Surveys,
 Team Pulse Surveys and
 Organizational Pulse Surveys.

Individual Pulse Surveys

A typical use case would be in executive coaching. A manager completes a 360-degree feedback diagnostic scan and, together with a coach and/or manager, identifies a small number of themes to develop. They may be strengths to build on or areas where improvement would be beneficial. A questionnaire is set up comprising a small number of questions designed to track the perception by colleagues of the manager's progress on the themes. This is sent to a group of people from whom the manager would like feedback (i.e. probably the same people who completed the initial 360-degree feedback) on a regular basis (e.g. monthly) over a limited period of time. At each interval, we provide a report compiling the ratings of progress and any comments. The manager may choose to share the report with the respondents as part of a developmental conversation.

Being able to both track progress towards one's personal development goals is a powerful motivational tool. The power comes from the fact that the effort is public, and that it uses both quantitive and qualitative information. Coupled with facilitation or coaching adds further to the value.

Team Pulse Surveys

A similar process is used for teams. The questionnaire would generally be based on agreement / consensus within the team about the key issues to be addressed. The team can use the periodic reports to discuss what is working well and what is working less well, and what to do about it. As above, an external facilitator or team coach may add extra value.

Organizational Pulse Surveys

An organization level survey can take several forms. Unlike the above variants, it need not use the same respondents each time. To save survey overload, small random samples can be used at each interval.

By analogy with the individual case, the design of the questionnaire can follow-on from an organizational survey, tracking key issues where change is required, over a lmited period of time. Alternatively an organizational Pulse can be an ongoing process, tracking, for example morale or wellbeing each moth. It can be supplemented with questions on ad hoc issues which arise from time to time.

An organizational Pulse can also be used during Change Programmes or Mergers, to track perceptions and attitudes. This can provide an early-warning signal for potential derailers.


As with coaching individuals, an assessment to establish the baseline situation is a useful first step in an assignment.

Variations on a Theme

All Pulse Surveys are customised to a particular group of respondents at a particular time.

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