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  Team Questionnaires.

Measure Team Performance and Group Dynamics.

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Team Questionnaires

We offer two approaches:
 A survey of what the team thinks about key aspects of the Team, as an entity and
 A map of the personalities of team members.

Team Questionnaire

This asks team members to rate various aspects of team function and add comments if they wish to expand on their feedback. It covers topics including Leadership, Morale, Group Dynamics etc.

Team Map

This approach depends on team members giving their consent to their personality profile with the rest of the team. Team members are asked to complete a self-report personality questionnaire. The team can then view diagrams showing the shape, pattern or balance of the various characteristics of the team.

The map highlights differences in priorities, potential communication problems and other possible sources of tension within the group. It can be used to identify gaps - where perhaps new team members with different qualities would be beneficial. It can also be used during recruitment and selection. A candidate's profile can be added to the map, to show where they would fit in the team.

Team Coaching

As with coaching individuals, an assessment to establish the baseline situation is a useful first step in an assignment.

Variations on a Theme

We can customise the Team or Personality questionnaires to fit the needs of a particular team. Teams can differ in domain e.g. (outbound sales versus pharmaceutical researchers) or level (e.g. Executive Team).

We also provide Team Pulse Feedback to track change over time.

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