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  Cognitive Ability Tests.

Measures of Cognitive Performance which are Fair.

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Cognitive Ability Tests

Overall, cognitive ability tests are the most accurate means of predicting future job performance. The correlation is around 0.4 to 0.6 whereas the range for personality questionnaires is around 0 to 0.2. The more complex the role, the greater the need for cognitive performance.

However, some cognitive ability tests require a degree of English language skills which results in the test discriminating against those for whom English is not a first language. Other tests may contain cultural knowledge which is implicit to the test author, but not to the test taker, again, resulting in discrimination against some groups. Such learned knowledge is associated with what is termed crystalised intelligence. Another form of intelligence, fluid intelligence, is deemed to be knowledge-free, and associated with more general mental operations and speed of processing. Our cognitive ability tests are measures of fluid intelligence and intended to be as fair as possible.

Executive Coaching

It can be useful to administer a cognitive ability test as part of the initial stages of executive coaching - in order to provide a richer picture.

Variations on a Theme

We can customise the tests to fit the needs of a particular group. We can develop situational judgment tests which measure someone's judgment in specific job-related scenarios (e.g. such as customer service). Such tests generally appear more practical and job-related, when administered as part of an assessment process, than a purely abstract test. We have developed tests for strategic thinking. Situational judgment tests are generally bespoke for a particular working environment.

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