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  Data Protection & Security.

Protecting privacy and ensuring data security are critical priorities for us.

How we handle Data

We take every measure we can to preserve the security and privacy of data. We comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulations and the UK Data Protection Act. Self-insight Limited is registered with the UK Information Commissioner's Office (Registration number Z9117696).


We always keep the data we store and process to a minimum. We have two sites: a general information web-site and a site used for online assessments. The general website currently does not store any information. The assessment site does store personal information.

  Purpose for Storing Data: The Assessment site stores the name and email address of those completing questionnaires, plus their answers. The name and answers are necessary in order to produce a report and the email address is required in order to send the report to the respondent. After we have collected questionnaire answers, we remove all personal identifiers and store the data anonymously for internal statistical purposes. We do not use data for any other purpose than generating reports.

  Duration of Storage: Assessment data is removed from the online platform once a report has been generated and is archived offline for a year in case it is required to re-generate a report.

  Cookies: The general website does not use cookies. The assessment site uses temporary cookies for operational purposess. These are not used to track behaviour nor used for advertising or marketing purposes.

  View or Remove your Data: If you wish to see what data we store on your behalf, or wish to have your data removed from our platform, please email

  Sharing Data: We do not share data with any other organization nor sell it to any third-parties.

Data Security

Our data is stored in a highly secure date-centre in the United Kingdom. The Data Centre is ISO-27001 and ISO 9001 certified. There are strict measures to protect physical security, cyber and human vulnerabilities. The data-centre is a UK Government G-Cloud Supplier.

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