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  Organizational Questionnaires.

How engaged are the people in your organization? What is the nature of the organizational culture? How innovative is your organization?

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Organizational Questionnaires

We offer four main surveys:
 an employee engagement survey - which captures key dimensions of a high performance organization.
 an employee well-being questionnaire - which helps individuals assess their physical and mental wellbeing and can be used at an organizational level.
 an organizational culture survey - which produces a profile of corporate culture.
 an innovation capability maturity survey - which measures the state of innovation within an organization.

Employee Engagement Questionnaire

This questionnaire measures perceptions of key factors which either positively boost productive energy or deplete it e.g. quality of supervision, support of colleagues, confidence in senior leadership, investment in resources, opportunities for personal growth etc. Results can be broken down by work group and used as a starting point to plan a programme to improve, or further improve, organizational performance. Engagement is a complex blend of attitudes, which includes the extent an employee feels they can 'be themselves' at work, feels a degree of agency and empowerment, feels respected, recognised and treated fairly, and feels loyalty to, and pride in working for, the organization. Greater levels of employee engagement are associated with organizational success. Lower levels are associated with poor productivity, work quality and retention.

Employee Well-being Questionnaire

This questionnaire measures employee perceptions of wellbeing, physical, emotional and mental. It is intended to be used to allow employees to gauge their own state of well-being. The resulting profile can be used as a starting point to consider changes in working environment or life-style. If anything of significance emerges, the respondent would be encouraged to speak to a mental health professional. However it is often found that individual reactions are not the root cause of workplace malaise. Often problems such as stress or burnout are due to work practices, management style and the quality of inter-personal relationships. An anonymised version of the survey can be used to generate average scores per organisational unit, in order to identify where more systemic change may be required.

Organizational Culture Questionnaire

This questionnaire produces a profile of organizational culture, along key dimensions, rather than categorising the culture into a 'type'. Culture covers a wide range of topics including beliefs, assumptions, norms, symbols, stories, rituals, aspects of the physical working environment, hierarchy, attitude to change, interpersonal relationships between people and styles of dealing with conflict etc.

The profile can highlight strengths, areas where the culture is detrimental, opportunities and threats. One potential use is to identify if there are different sub-cultures within the organization, which may give rise to communication problems. It can also be used as part of organizational change programs such as mergers and acquisitions.

Innovation Capability Maturity Questionnaire

This is a measure of the factors which contribute to innovation. It is innovation which drives productivity growth, upon which our prosperity depends. There are few more important topics. Creativity and technical know-how are key ingredients of innovation, but one of the biggest blocks is organizational risk-aversion and inertia. Positive drivers include taking measured risks to develop winning ideas, ensuring ideas are aligned with customer needs, access to resources and a favourable ecosystem of suppliers, partners and customers.

Variations on a Theme

We can customise the questionnaires to your particular requirements. We can also supplement the data collected with interviews and focus groups. We also work with teams to develop action plans to build on the insight from the surveys to create and embed real change.

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