We offer a range of services including:

  • Leadership assessment. This may be required for a range of reasons such as talent management, succession planning, pre-employment selection, performance management, personal development, as a precursor to coaching etc. We use a variety of methods including in-depth interviews, 360-degree feedback, personality questionnaires, managerial decision making tests.
  • Assessment for selection. In addition to administering psychometric questionnaires and tests we have the capability to design bespoke tools (e.g. online screening tools or situational judgment tests), or selection processes such as assessment centres. We put emphasis on analysing requirements for the job and ensuring assessment methods are valid (e.g. actually predict performance).
  • Executive coaching. We provide a range of coaching models from sounding-board to goal-directed performance coach, all based on sound psychological principles.
  • Team intervention. We seek to help teams operate more effectively. We start with careful analysis based on interviews and questionnaires and move on to action through individual coaching, group workshops, action learning sets or other appropriate interventions. We draw from a variety of approaches including soft-systems analysis, positive psychology and appreciative inquiry.
  • Organizational intervention. We can help organizations operate more effectively. As above, we start with analysis based on a combination of interviews with individuals, focus groups and questionnaires. The latter can be engagement surveys or more bespoke, focussed tools. Once problem areas have been identified, we help develop action plans with key stakeholders. We may then become involved in cultural, process, team or individual interventions. We can also track perceptions of the organization with the online Pulse tool.
  • Innovation consultancy. We help organizations discover their inner innovator. We focus on building sustainable processes and culture as well as basics such as idea generation.
  • Outplacement courses and coaching. Drawing on our experience helping employers select people, we offer a range of support for those seeking work, from individual coaching to workshop-based programmes. These cover topics such as understanding one's strengths, personal branding, fine-tuning CVs, getting the best out of LinkedIn, interview skills, personal impact, taking a marketing approach etc.
  • Evaluation and the development of tests and questionnaires. We combine strong psychometric and technical skills. We ensure questionnaires and tests are designed for the intended audience and purpose and the language and question formats are appropriate. We have strong statistical and analytical capabilities e.g. multivariate and IRT analyses. We can produce web-based tools on our secure platform or apps for android or ios/apple. Through one of our partners, we can use gamification to interact with users in a more engaging way.

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