Project Management

In this area we focus on team member and project manager recruitment, as well as training and coaching for project managers and their teams.

Psychology applies to many aspects of project management, including:

  • Selecting team members. This covers clarifying requirements, developing competency frameworks, developing and administering various psychometric tests, designing selection processes e.g. screening forms and assessment centres.
  • Motivating and leading team members, creating a sense of engagement and commitment to the team and the project, managing team dynamics, dealing with difficult people.
  • Influencing stakeholders
  • Negotiating with stakeholders.
  • Dealing with cognitive bias in decision making, e.g. estimation.
  • Group decision making, e.g. countering groupthink or conflict.

We offer assessments, development and coaching in each of these areas.

We offer tools and methods for assessing sales and managerial performance. We also offer training and coaching in the skills and techniques required in this new environment.

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