High Technology

The demands placed on people who work in high technology industries differ from those in many other sectors. Levels of specialised knowledge and skill are high. Sometimes research work is high risk, with no guarantee of success. Time-scales can be prolonged and competition intense. In a team context, soft skills can sometimes be as important as hard technical knowledge. We offer several services in this area:

  • Support for recruitment and selection as well as individual and team development.
  • The transition from high performing individual contributor to leader can entail risk. We provide support in assessing people for promotion and preparing them for their new role.
  • Ensuring a team is firing smoothly on all cylinders and avoiding group dynamic problems is essential to project success. We can support this with team interventions.
  • We offer assessment and coaching for team leaders to build confidence and effectiveness.
  • We also provide consultancy in the area of building and sustaining innovation.

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