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We provide psychology-based insight into you, your team, organization or customers.
You can build on this knowledge to identify the change needed to plan your path success, and track progress towards it.

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We have one assessment in this category. It measures the strength to which you are drawn to various values: e.g. Power, Achievement, Social Justice, Status etc.

It gives an indication of your medium to long-term priorities the types of activities on which you would prefer to spend your time. It is especially useful for career decision making and understanding your leadership style.


Our primary personality questionnaire covers the big 5 factors (extraversion/introversion, agreeableness, emotional stability, conscientiousness and openness to experience) plus emotional intelligence and resilience. Few other tests have this range of coverage.

We also offer questionnaires which drill into more specific aspects such as attitude to risk and social skills.

360-degree Feedback

This is probably the most powerful tool for gaining self-insight. Rather than relying on your personal own opinion, it represents the views of those with whom you work.

We also offer Pulse feedback - an ongoing version which is particularly useful in tracking the observed effects of coaching interventions.

Team Surveys

We offer a team survey which covers the key dimensions of a high performance team.

We also combine results from personality and 360-degree feedback questionnaires to represent patterns of preferences and competencies. We can also represent team interactions in terms of social network graphs.

Organizational and Culture Surveys

We offer three main questionnaires in this area:

  • Employee Engagement questionnaire - which measures key dimensions of a high performance organization.
  • Employee Wellbeing questionnaire - which identifies key dimensions associated with good mental health.
  • Organizational Culture questionnaire - which tracks a range of topics associated with corporate culture.
  • Innovation Capability Maturity questionnaire - which measures the state of innovation within your organization.

Cognitive Ability Tests

Cognitive ability tests have been shown to be the most effective means of predicting job performance. However many have questioned their fairness to key groups. We provide a test of fluid thinking which is, as far as possible, knowledge and culture free.

We also provide Situational Judgment Tests. These too have been shown to effectively predict job performance without appearing unrealistically abstract. We generally work with clients to design questions relevant to their organisation.

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